We provide a wide array of services and products that will interest any coin and/or bullion collector. Here you can find an overview of the many items we have in our coin shop. Many of these items are always in stock. On occasion we may not have a particular item in stock, however we will always do our best to fulfill our customer’s needs. If you have any special requests or needs, do not hesitate to contact us so we can help you find that special piece for your collection as soon as possible!

We also sell gold bullion from the US Mint. The American Eagle gold bullion coins are made in four denominations that contain 1 oz., 1/2 oz., 1/4 oz., and 1/10 oz. of gold. We like to keep a nice selection on hand. Depending on availability we may also have in stock the American Buffalo .9999 Fine Gold Bullion Coins. The Buffalo gold coins are 24 karat and look real nice and were minted in much smaller quantities.

AMERICAN SILVER EAGLES – This is a one ounce silver bullion coin (.999 Fine) which has been minted since 1986.  We carry uncirculated examples of every year.  We have complete sets available.  We also have Proof and Burnished (Uncirculated) Eagles as well as the Anniversary Sets which are occasionally minted.

BULLION – Always popular with our customers are silver bars, rounds, 90% silver U. S. coinage, 40 % silver U.S. halves and 80% silver Canada coins.

U.S. COINAGE – This is a large category to talk about.  The United States has been minting coins since the 1790’s.  There have been many types of coin designs for the various denominations.  We offer a selection of many of these coins from Bust coins, Seated coins to the Barber series.  We have a large selection of the modern 20th century coins cents to dollars to choose from in raw and certified examples.  We also carry rolls of several different denominations in circulated and uncirculated condition.

U.S. COMMEMORATIVE COINS – Commemorative coins were minted starting in 1892 – 1954 and we have several different coins available.  Modern Commemoratives began in 1982 and we have quite a few of these.

MINT SETS & PROOF SETS – These special sets are very attractive and always make great gifts.  We have a large selection to choose from including Silver proof sets.

CURRENCY – Another large category of material.  We offer older large size and small size notes.  Silver certificates (Blue Seal notes), U.S. (Legal Tender) Red Seal notes, War Emergency notes, Federal Reserve notes are in stock.  Some Star notes and sequential serial numbered sets are also available.  We do have Civil War and Obsolete currency as well.

SUPPLIES – We have a lot!  We have the Official Red Book price guide, several different coin collecting reference and inventory books.  A large selection of coin collecting albums specializing in Dansco and H.E. Harris are in stock.  For coin storage, there are coin tubes and several sizes of cardboard holders to choose from.  We have boxes and plastic sheets of all sizes to hold your coins.

SPORTS SUPPLIES– We do have a selection of vintage sports cards, focusing on Baseball.  We stock card holders, sleeves, sheets and monster boxes for storage.

JEWELRY – We buy and sell 10 KT, 14 KT rings, charms and bracelets.  We also have Sterling silver rings, chains and bracelets.

FOREIGN COINS – We do have a quantity of foreign coins to choose from.  Our focus is on older material with some silver content.