Hello coin collectors,

It’s been awhile since I have updated the column.  Two cents is harder to find than you might think.  I have been excited about several things coming out of the U.S. Mint this year.  I really enjoy the Apollo 11 Commemorative coin program.  This is the second coin to feature a “curved appearance”.  The first was the Baseball Hall of Fame Commemorative back in 2014.  The curved aspect fits the reverse of the coin perfectly.  Part of Buzz Aldrin’s visor and helmet show the reflection of Neil Armstrong.  This is a representation of the famous “Buzz Aldrin on the Moon” photograph.  My favorite image of the commemorative coin is the front which depicts a footprint on the lunar surface.  This is pretty amazing and I fell in love with it immediately.  Of course it’s hard to slip anything space related by a long-time science fiction fan (any other Star Trek fans out there?  You know who I’m talking about).

Anyway…back to Earth…here’s another Mint surprise.  The one dollar coin (and all future commemorative dollars) are being minted with 99.9 % silver.   This is also the case with the coins included in the Silver Proof sets.  The dime, half-dollar and five America the Beautiful quarters are also made from 99.9 % silver.   In years past, the commemorative coins and silver coins from the proof set were 90 % silver.  I read an interesting article the Mint released about the switch from 90% to 99.9% silver.  Several highlights I can remember noted the dies from which the coins are made last considerably longer and the dies themselves require considerably less downtime to clean.  There were many other benefits noted when the switch to 99.9 % silver was made.  Overall, it sounds like a great idea.

Speaking of Proof Sets…the mint has another surprise.  This years two proof sets (Clad and Silver) and the Uncirculated Set will contain in its own separate packaging, a 2019 Lincoln cent.  While another penny might not be worth writing home about these have a little extra going for them.  These 2019 cents will bear the “W” mint mark.  These are the first cents to be minted at West Point!  If that wasn’t special enough, each of the sets has a different finish for the 2019 W cent.  The proof strike “W” cent is included in the Clad Proof set.  A reverse proof finish “W” cent is included in the Silver Proof set.  An Uncirculated finish is included in the Uncirculated (Philadelphia and Denver Mints) set.

Pretty exciting stuff, I know, I have seen lots of ads from the various third party graders and different coin companies offering these West Point pennies for sale.   They are creating quite a buzz.

We have been buying quite a bit of material and will be attending several additional coin shows to market some of the nice coins and currency we have purchasing.  Hope to see you in the shop or at a show.

Have a great summer collecting,