2019 kinda flew by for me.  The older I get the quicker time seems to move.  The shop represented at close to a dozen shows last year and did really well.  The more shows I attended, setting up went quicker and easier.  Also just like you figure out what clothes you want to wear for the day; I ponder a bit about what items do you take to the coin show.  It’s also a given that a customer will ask for something I didn’t bring along.  You can’t bring the whole shop with you but sometimes Dad will try!  It’s all good for him but he’s not the one loading and unloading or setting up.  Bosses…what are you gonna do? 

Anyway, Dad and I completed our first show of the year by traveling down to Norfolk for a one day show two weeks ago.  We left very early and missed all the weather drama that was supposed to happen (and didn’t, whew).  This was our first visit to the Norfolk area and met some really nice people.  Several key sales were a large size $10 Legal Tender note with the Buffalo and a 1794 Half Cent.  Next weekend my wife and I are heading down to Virginia Beach for a two day show.  I bribed her into going by agreeing to find her a Macy’s store to visit.  We attended this show several years ago and the Convention Center is very well lit and easy to find, so, looking forward to going back.

 I haven’t scanned the US Mint products coming out this year but I’m sure there will be some surprises as always.  I really liked the Apollo 11 commemorative from last year.  Also remember that the Mint is now using .999 silver in their commemorative dollars and in the silver proof sets.  That was a good call from last year in making the switch from 90%.

Something new that several folks have asked about is a $2 silver eagle or double eagle.  I found out that the coin is from the Cook Islands and is only a half ounce of .999.  I’m sure there is a nice large picture of the coin but, only half ounce of silver.  The coin sold for close to $20 and they added on $7 shipping which isn’t too much of deal.  Like I tell the folks that come in; “Collect what you like”.  If the $2 Eagle works for you, rock on.  I’ll keep chipping away at my Dan Marino football cards.

Enjoy the Super Bowl and come in and say hello…